Les Plus Belles Citations de Noel

joyeux noel

Noël est la seule fête où les enfants reçoivent des cadeaux sans être obligés de dire merci. ~Daniel Marchiolli Ce qui compte à Noël, ce n”est pas de décorer le ...

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Witty and Sarcastic Christmas Sayings

sarcastic christmas

Here is a collection of some witty and really sarcastic Christmas sayings for those who are all-against the celebration. Hell yea! Some people do not like christmas and they have ...

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Selected Christmas Sayings For Cards

merry christmas

When short sayings are not enough, these 3 to 4 liners Christmas sayings for cards will do the work. Now get that pen of your”s and customize your Christmas wish ...

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Funny and Humorous Christmas Sayings

Funny Christmas picture

Have your pick among these really funny and humorous Christmas sayings if you are looking for a good laugh or simply a good phrase to change the bad mood of ...

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Religious and Christian Christmas Sayings

jesus christmas

These religious and mostly Christian Christmas sayings are for those who are looking to spread a holy wish and message for this coming Christmas. We are not to forget, that ...

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Best Christmas Sayings for Kids

christmas for kids

Collected here are all of the best Christmas Saying for kids. As W.C Jones said it, The joy of brightening a child”s heart creates the magic of Christmas. Have your pick.

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25 Cute Christmas Sayings


A list of 25 cute Christmas sayings and phrases which you can absolutely use to have the cutest Christmas message or card for this Christmas. Have your pick.

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